Distributors win because P.M.Uplus offers distributors a simple and profitable distributor program: Higher Margins: our Distributor discounts are very generous, allowing distributors to compete favorably and capture higher volume business. No Hassles order entry. Yes, we will break a case and we will drop ship. Our minimum order is one dozen markers. 96% of orders are shipped within one working day of receipt. We acknowledge all orders, and we have an freight prepaid policy. Sales leads and inquiries are referred to qualified distributors. Product training for your sales people is available. P.M.U® constantly innovates, giving distributors the opportunity to introduce superior products which energize your sales. End Users win because P.M.U® products offer the best value. P.M.U® is the low cost producer of industrial markers in the Switzerland. Because we focus on marker production and innovation, and we do not have the layers of bureaucracy common among larger companies, we are able to offer the best value. Industrial Strength, Safer Markers which meet stringent auto industry performance specs Prompt local distributor service. We place a major emphasis on developing long term business relationships with our distributors. Our products high quality and value are a great opportunity for motivated distributors to develop repeat business in markets such as industrial and safety supplies, catalog sales, packaging, office supplies, surveyor supplies, hardware and rental stores, packaging, farm and forestry supplies and more. If you are interested in selling P.M.U® products, please contact us and kindly provide some information about your company. Please note, not all will qualify. We will respond to all realistic inquiries. Thank you.